Management of Tickets or Activities through Kanban boards.
main Kanban screen
user manual
ProjeQtOr is not dedicate to any specific Project Management Method and so can be considered as not fluent for Agile Teams.
This plugin provides one of the most used task organization method in Agile world : the Kanban board. 

With this plug-in you can:

  • Create new Kanban boards
  •  Add / Remove columns to existing Kanban board
  • Use Kanban boards to manage Tickets or Activities
  • Directly update tickets or activitites

To best fit ProjeQtOr design and use, the plug-in not only provides standard "status based" Kanban board.
It also gives the possibility to defined Kanban boards based on "Product target version" to organize Versions, and Kanban boards based on "Planning activity" to organize Sprints in the Scrum way.

Have a look at plugin user manual to discover detail of these features.

Please note that this plug-in is integrated in community version since V8.3.0.
This plugin is still available for compatibility with older community versions, but will not be updated any more.

ProjeQtOr >= V7.0.0
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Monday, 30 April 2018
Un kanban Numérique sous projeqtor : Génial !
Peut avantageusement remplacer les post-it.
Configurable à souhait et belle intégration.
un bon plug-in.