Terms of Service PROJEQTOR


Additional plugins are available to extend the features of ProjeQtOr on special needs.
These conditions apply only to ProjeQtOr plugins deployed on own sites (projeqtor.org and projeqtor.net).
Buying a plugin allows the purchaser to install it on a single instance of production and an instance of test / validation (not operational one).


Plugins are not distributed in an open source mode. They are distributed in a proprietary mode. The company ProjeQtOr remains owner of plugins.
Any change to a plugin without the explicit agreement of ProjeQtOr company is prohibited.
The diffusion of a plugin is prohibited.
Violators will be prosecuted.


Whatever the delivered service, ProjeQtOr company remains owner of the product code.
This covers among others (not exhaustive):
  • the original application code, as deployed in the community version of the software,
  • the code produced as part of an evolution, whether community or private,
  • the code produced as part of a corrective patch,
  • the code produced as a tool,
  • the code of a plugin deployed by ProjeQtOr company. 


No responsibility of ProjeQtOr company or its representatives can be held liable for:
  • damages related to an application malfunction,
  • loss of data,
  • any injury not related to the delivery of a service by the ProjeQtOr company.
Under no circumstances will penalties or other compensation for damages exceed the amount of the delivered service.
The ProjeQtOr company rejects any responsibility for the consequences, effects and impacts related to the modification of a portion of code by a third party, either:
  • by the customer himself,
  • by a third party authorized by the customer or not,
  • by adding a plugin not deployed by ProjeQtOr company or obtained by other means than official ProjeQtOr sites (projeqtor.net and projeqtor.org)

Term of payment

Payment on order: payment triggers the delivery of the plugin