Webhooks and Github integration
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This plug-in is actually a package of 2 plug-ins that aim to improve the integration of ProjeQtOr with third-party applications.


Provides webhook management in ProjeQtOr to trigger processing in third-party applications from events in ProjeQtOr
  • Definition of a webhook and information: url called, secret key
  • Definition of the object and the event that will trigger the hook on this object (creation, update, deletion)
  • When the hook is triggered on the object, the url is called and the description of the element is transmitted (notion of payload)
For more information on how webhooks work in Projeqtor, see the plug-in's user manual.


Provides webhook-like call handling to Projeqtor from third-party apps.
Only Github calls are managed in this version but the system is destined to evolve towards other applications.
  • Definition of each data source, with its type, its secret key, and some behavior elements
  • The Github integration allows you to retrieve messages in Smart Commit format from pushes to interact with a Projeqtor element
    • add a note to the item
    • add work on item
    • move the item to a new status (if the workflow allows it)
For more information on how this plugin works with Github, see the plug-in's user manual.
ProjeQtOr >= V9.5.5
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