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This plugin provides an interface adapted to mobile devices (phones, tablets).
It is a mobile web application and not a native application, with the advantages and constraints that this induces:
  • The interface works on any mobile device, regardless of the operating system (Android, iOS or other)
  • Accessing this interface does not require any installation on the mobile device, server-side installation is enough and users simply access it through a web browser
  • This interface requires a network connection (wired, Wifi, 3G, 4G, 5G, ...) to access the data on ProjeQtOr server.
    There is no "offline" mode.
  • The mobile interface also works on non-mobile devices such as laptops, but this interface may give an unexpected result on non-mobile devices, while the standard interface gives a better and more accurate result.
    However, this can present the opportunity to offer a very simple interface to users who just need to create new tickets and follow-up these tickets.
This mobile application works with the same data as the standard application.
You therefore retrieve all your items from the standard application and the data access rights defined on the standard application are applied.
It provides less functionality than the standard application.
This mobile application allows you to:
  • List items to process for connected user
  • Apply filters on list of items
  • filter by dates
  • filter by user responsibility on items
  • filter by name or id
  • Select Project to filter items (like the project selector in the standard application)
  • Access the detail and modify some data of the listed items
  • Create a new ticket
  • Enter work spend (timesheet) for a given day
  • Access reports (all reports from the standard interface are available)
  • Direct access to favorite reports
This is the first version of the plugin.
We are aware that, despite the care taken in testing during development and the testing phase, this version may contain some issues and not cover all the expected features.
This is why we thank early adopters by proposing this plugin at a very low price, much below the target price.

We would also like to draw your attention to the fact that the goal of this plugin is not to cover all the features of the standard interface.
Only some actions adapted to mobility situations are available.
Please review the functionalities enabled by this module (described in the user manual downloadable on this page) and accept the restrictions before buying this plugin.
ProjeQtOr >= V9.3.4
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