Screen Customization

Customization of most of the screens.
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ProjeQtOr is very complete, but sometimes this completeness may be too much for your needs, or some specific needs may require extra fields.
This plug-in allows to customize most of the screens in order to adapt ProjeQtOr to your specific needs.
With this plug-in you can, for a given screen:
  • Change attributes for a field : add "required", "hidden" or "read only" attribute
  • Change size for a text or numeric field
  • Move a field
  • Create a new field
  • Define a new list for a select list field
  • Delete a custom field you created
  • Hide a field for given types

Have a look at plugin user manual to discover detail of these features.

ProjeQtOr >= 9.5.5
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Tuesday, 31 October 2017
Facile à utiliser, permet de beaucoup simplifier les écrans. Très utile !