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ProjeQtOr - Terms and conditions 2024 - V5.0
ProjeQtOr propose a new evolutive version every 3 months and few corrective patches between each version.
However, the ProjeQtOr team is not idle and corrects reported incidents as soon they are discovered.
When the volume of minor improvements is large or a major incident is resolved, a new version is deployed.
The current quality of ProjeQtOr and the new developments leave little room for major anomalies, which means that corrective patches become less and less frequent.
It is then necessary to wait several weeks to recover the improvement which, although not blocking, would simplify daily use.
Subscription allows you to benefit from fixings as soon as they are validated and stable.
It is also a way to support the ProjeQtOr team in its efforts to provide a stable, efficient product that always better meets your needs.
ProjeQtOr is an open source product that is not backed by any major company or foundation.
Its financing is based solely on the subscription to the services offered.

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Terms and conditions


Receive updates at the frequency you want

  • Choice of distribution channel: Stable Version or Release Candidate
  • Manual or automatic updates of evolutive versions depending on the choice of channel
  • Manual or automatic patch updates on your current evolutive version
  • Automatic updates scheduled at the frequency and time you choose
  • Tracking of available updates: revision numbers, files and tickets concerned (followed-up on our track database)
  • Tracking of updates made: revision numbers, files and tickets concerned (followed-up on our track database)

Support for the development team

  • Your subscription supports the development team's effort to provide frequent evolving releases and all necessary fixes

Deleting the subscription message

  • Subscription allows you to remove the informative message appearing on the login page.
    Displaying this message does not block any functionality of ProjeQtOr.
    It's just a reminder for users who don't always know that they are using an Open Source product that is only financed by subscribing to its services.


  • You will find detailed prices and selling conditions in the above document "Terms and conditions" in PDF format
  • To obtain a quote, to subscribe, or for more information, contact us


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